Starting way back in 2020 when we first started working on our OFF TRACK collection we began working on our Eco Mission. We wanted to be able to provide sustainably made products at sustainable prices. The ultimate goal was to be able to upgrade all of our material to sustainable eco materials without compromising on our ethos of being an affordable brand.
Our driving statement was "save the impact for your workouts - less impact on the environment and on your wallet" 



All of our packaging materials are recyclable ♻️





Check for our Eco Badges on the products that are made from recycled materials! 
This badge means that the product is made from recycled, sustainable, materials. 

What Is a "Recycled" Material?

A recycled material can be either a pre-consumer fibre or a post-consumer waste material.
Pre-Consumer fibres are "material or by-products generated after manufacture of a product is completed but before the product reaches the end-use consumer." (stopwaste.org)
Post-Consumer waste is "the waste produced at the end of a consumer-product lifecycle. The product is bought and consumed so has served its intended use. Post-consumer waste refers to the household waste we generate every day. This includes food, beverages, packaging or garden trimmings." (proenvironmentalltd.co.uk
For example our Eco Soft Collection and our Cheetah HGS Sets are made from Post Consumer Waste - Plastic Bottles! 



Our Eco Soft Collection and Cheetah Sets are made from the innovative Repreve Material! We are OBSESSED and find the whole process so fascinating!!
Our manufacturers take the Repreve Material and dye it to our preferred colours. They then begin the "Cut & Sew" process where the spools of fabric are transformed into the beautiful pieces that you see on our website ☺️.
Our Eco pieces have Global Recycling Standard Certification!



 We are so proud to have an amazing manufacturing team who we work closely with on a daily basis to constantly upgrade and work on providing you the best possible products at the best price!
We have been working with Ivan and his team in Zhejiang for 2 years now, He specialises in the intricate knitting process of seamless garments. 
 We are extremely excited to be currently working with Ivan on creating our next Eco Collection which will be a seamless collection ready for May 2022! In order to ensure the highest quality we ensure that Ivan and his team are fully IDFL (IDFL.COM) Certified - the certifying body who authorise the below badges