About Us

FinalBend is an Irish apparel company founded 2018.

We started with a simple idea of making some jumpers for athletes with their individual events printed on them. We now have a full range of athletc wear and accessories. Bellow is our first logo one which still encompasses all that our brand stands for but was always just a first step. We're always growing the brand but we know the importance of remebering where you came from. Our project has taken us on a journey and shown us the spirit and community of athletes in ireland.

We here at FinalBend Fitness know the importance of community within sport and it is our goal to provide just that. We hope to build not only a company but a community of athletes all sharing the same goal and passion and always striving for success. We believe that looking good is half the battle! Beat the curve and start your journey now, alongside us.

Join the family - Join the movement.