Athlete Of The Week - Cian McPhilips

Athlete Of The Week - Cian McPhilps

After a phenomenal season Cian Mcphilips is this weeks worthy winner. His recent performances in both 800m and 1500m have set a standard for a future generation of athletes to aim for in the years to come. At such a young age he has already established himself as a noteworthy competitor on the international stage and will be competing in the upcoming u18 European Championships. An incredible athlete extremely passionate and dedicated to his sport! 

800m -1:52
1500m -3:57
My favorite events are those two and definitely cross country.
My most notable achievements were winning gold in national u17 800 and 1500 getting championship best performances in those 2 and qualifying for Europe u18 championships as well.
Winning the Celtics xc in Antrim 2018 was also a big one and winning the u12 xc was a huge one for me because it was my 1st xc gold.
How did you start or get into athletics?
I first got involved in athletics when I was 6 in community games. I competed for club when I was 9 but I kept getting sick with nerves. I almost gave it up only for the coaches stopped me.
Thankfully you kept it up as you’ve obviously come along way from there! What would an average training week look like for you?
I run 4 or 5 days a week
Monday: rest
Tuesday: session,usually intervals or tempos
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: easy run
Friday: rest
Saturday: track session
Sunday: long run
With such a schedule how do you tackle the training and studying elements, do you find it hard to balance social life with training?
It’s hard to find that balance. I’ve had to give up gaelic and soccer because It’s all a bit hectic but I think it’s paid off
Absolutely.. Is diet something you look at or has that ever needed to be a feature for you to get where you are today?
Oh no I eat what I want really and lots of it. Plenty of time for that stuff later on!
You’ve obviously achieved so much as of yet but where do you want to go from here, what are your aspirations for the future, dreams and goals.
Not really long term but I haven’t won a schools gold yet so hopefully that’ll happen this year. Later on I’ll be aiming to medal at the European u20 championships and if all goes well get the Irish mile record

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