Athlete Of The Week - Sarah Healy

Athlete Of The Week - Sarah Healy 

After last weeks phenomenal performances at the European Youths, its absolutely no surprise that Sarah Healy is this weeks athlete of the week. Competing in both 3k and 1500m her races were a certain highlight for the whole event with those watching on at home glued to her every lap. Fresh off her flight home from hungary we were lucky enough to catch up with sarah, an amazing athlete genuine and humble in everyway. 

SH- I run for Blackrock AC. My pbs are 4:09 for 1500 2:02.76 for 800 and 9:10 for 3000. My favourite event is probably 1500 but I love the 3k aswell and doing 800 is fun too

FB- Hahaha hard to choose! when and how did you get into athletics and was it immediate success from the beginning?

SH- My Mum brought me to my athletics club when I was 8 or 9 and I've been doing it since then. I was pretty successful in cross country since I started at u11 but I was doing loads of other sports and it took me a while to start enjoying it.

FB- With all these sports did you come from a sporting background? It must have been awful hard to choose one out of them all you must be delighted that it is paying off to this high extent! Which sports were the hardest to step away from and which did you keep on?

SH- I don't have a particularly sporting background but I definitely tried loads. I kept them all up until 2 or 3 years ago when gave up tennis and gaa. I've kept up hockey and running obviously !

FB-  Did you always find it hard to balance training with social life and studies??

SH- It definitely can be hard but I'm used to it by now. I think training is a nice distraction from school study and I always make time to see my friends too even if I sometimes have to leave early or arrive late. So I don't feel like I have to sacrifice too much.

FB- That’s always a great help and obviously lifts your mood and motivates you for training! Speaking of training what would be a typical training week for a double European gold medalist?🤩

SH- It's probably an annoying answer but my training changes a lot every week depending on school, hockey and whatever else I have going on. I normally run around 5 days a week and I might go to the gym once or twice a week. I'd usually do two sessions a week and runs on the other days.

FB- No it’s great to see the different methods of training that have led to success stories such as yours.. some people have very rigid programs and others like yourself have more flexibility in their training.
When it comes to sport there are always setbacks.. have you had many? What would your advice be to the athletes currently dealing with adversity in their disciplines?

SH- I've been really lucky in that I've never had any serious injuries but my advice would be to stay positive, listen to the advice from people you trust and to make sure you're having fun away from the sport aswell

FB- All so casual off track and down to business on itlove it🤩🤩 I suppose the question on everyone’s mind is how did it feel to cross that finish line not once but twice in gold medal position for your country at a European championship???

SH- It felt amazing of course After the 3k I was just so happy and excited and it felt like bit of a bonus. there was more relief after the 1500 because I was bit more nervous and that was the one I had been training for all year. Now I'm just so happy I managed to pull it off.

FB- It was an amazing year that merited both of those amazing performances that I’m sure will take years for another irish or any athlete to recreate!

Who do you feel is/are the biggest influence(s) on your career and helped you come this far?

SH- Definitely my Mum and my coach. My Mum always encouraged me she drives me to training every day and walks around parks waiting for me to finish. She does everything she can to help me and to make it a bit easier for me. My coach Eoghan has helped me become a better athlete and also has gotten me more interested in the sport which I think has helped me to enjoy it more.

FB- Congrats on all and thanks so much for the brilliant interview! Lastly Sarah, what athlete do you look up to in your sport and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

SH- I really look up to Laura Muir because I think she always races really bravely and she's obviously very successful. In 5 years I'd like to be representing Ireland as a senior and hopefully running fast! No problem at all and thankyou!!:)

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