Athlete Of The Week - Rhasidat Adeleke

Rhasidat Adeleke - Athlete of the week

After her two recent record breaking performances at the AAI juvinile championships we are proud to announce Rhasidat as this weeks athlete of the week! Her natural athletism, love and detication for the sport has continued to shine through and she is both a role model and inspiration to similar aspiring athletes.

FB:  Your success in the sport has been phenomenal but I suppose you, like everyone had to start somewhere.. when and why did you start athletics?


R : I joined athletics 4 years ago after winning the 100m 6 years in a row at The primary school T&F championships in Santry so the athletics couch at my school recommended I join Tallaght A.C.


FB: Was it clear from the beginning that this was going to be something you could really excel at or were there ever tough times


R : Oh God no , there were many tough times. I came second in my very first all irelands which I was delighted with then outdoors came and I was 5th in my heat in the 80m which brought many doubts but I kept at it and gained many silver and Bronze medals as I went on then won my first gold in 2017 at Indoor Juveniles and since then my progress rate has grown.


FB: It definitely has 🚀 obviously to get such results you've figured out the best way to train for yourself.. what would a typical training week look like for you?


R: Well I train 3 days a week. 

Monday5-6:30pm :Track session 

Wednesday5-6:30pm : Track session 

Friday5-6:30pm: Gym session

The odd Sunday I’d have training in a park doing hills etc but that’s mainly off-season.


FB : And would you find that since you joined athletics you've felt you may have had to give up other things or could you always find the balance between training, social life, school etc?


R : I had to give up a few other sports like Gaelic, volleyball and recently basketball because they weren’t great for my knees otherwise I balance everything else out pretty well


FB : Would you get into the nutrition side of things or is that not really a factor for you?


R : Oh like eat healthy? Nah I’ve tried but always give up after like 3 days, it’s something I definitely need to work on


FB : Hahah completely relate to that 😅 you mentioned that you also took part in other sports, did you  find much difference in those sporting communities or atmospheres?


R : Healthy life is a struggle😩

Yeah there was a huge difference as the sports I used to do were team sports so we all had to work well together and as a team unless everything wouldn’t work smoothly whereas athletics is an individual event (other than relay) so it’s a little more stressful all the pressure on me rather than on my whole team


FB : Thank you so much for giving us an insight behind the scenes🤗 just to tie up the interview if you could tell us your biggest aspirations for this year and the rest of your career🎉


R : I’d love to medal at European u18 Championships and run on the 4x100m relay at World u20’s. I just want to keep improving physically and mentally and reach world stage and maybe pick up a medal at a Major senior championship.

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