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Athlete Of The Week - Louis O’ Loughlin

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Athlete Of the Week - Louis O’ Loughlin


This week we’re recognizing the extraordinary achievements of Louis O’ Loughlin who throughout his career has racked up numerous, regional and national medals. His talent has taken him to the international stage where he’s no stranger to competing in the green singlet. Louis dedication, determination and love for the sport makes him a great ambassador for both young and old alike. There’s definitely a lot ahead for Louis in the coming years and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes him.




800m pb is 1.52.13

Biggest achievement is semi final in u18 european Championships in Hungary this year


FB- Obviously you didn’t achieve that level just over night! Can you tell us how or why you started athletics in the first place? 

Did you come from other sports or was athletics in your blood?



L- Athletics was in my blood my mam used to do 4x100 relay as a teen and I used to play gaa football and hurling but I was so dedicated to running that I had to give it up to progress in my career.


I always wanted to be a sprinter at the start of athletics back when I used to run in community games for my local team clondalkin I remember doing 60m hurldles and I though that was the event for me then as I grew up I started doing 600 and I was really good in that then stepped up again to 800 and I found my calling



FB- Making that change from gaa to full time running must have made a big change performance wise,  we’re you able to see a difference straight away in your training? Could you describe a typical training week?



L- I used to run and train for gaa in the same day and it was tiring but I was unbelievably fit from it once I left gaa and hurling I was ready to train full time at the last stages of gaa and hurling  I knew it was time to give it up as I was losing the passion for the sport my trainning in a week would be Tuesday speed session thursdays long run/tempo run and Sunday long runs and I used to do 5k recovery runs inbetween those sessions in the week



FB- Wow! really intense, what would your perfect rest day be?



L- Now Monday’s Wednesday and Friday are my rest days

I’m more sensible about my trainning



FB- Does nutrition play any part in your training or to you look at that at all?



L- No It doesn’t really, I want to focus on that more but I can’t really because I don’t have the right supports


FB-Absolutely understand no point in half doing something. 

Obviously you’re in school, how do find it being able to balance being a top athlete, doing schoolwork and having a life outside of all that as well. Do you find it difficult or does it bother you?



L- It bothers me A lot but sacrifices have to be made in order for me to become a better athlete



FB- And do you find as an athlete your friends/ school ect understand your commitments to the sport? 

Many young athletes get turned away as they grow older as they feel they can’t keep up with school work and meeting friends while training so much. What advice would you have for someone in that situation



L- My friends understand that I’m an athlete but they don’t really treat me like one they just treat me for being me Yenno and the advice id give for a person in that situation I’d think about who will support you in the future when your successful if your friends really are your friends they would understand that your an athlete and you have to make sacrifices on a everyday basis if not leave them they have to be supportive and to be able  to ask you to meet up when your time is flexible around trainning etc

“In life Everything goes to plan”



FB- 💪🏼excellent, spot on advice. You obviously are training with a goal in mind, what’s the end goal? What drives you on in all the training?



L- My end goal is to win the Olympics or even make the Olympics that’s my dream always will be what drives me on in trainning is that one second of victory when you come over the line and shed a tear of happiness because you did it that feeling is what makes me want it even more



FB- Amazing and we hope that you achieve that goal you’re definitely on track to it it! Lastly just to round up the interview where do you see yourself in 5 years time?



L- I see myself qualifying for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris and to study in dcu or over in the states with a good job and to be happy



FB- Excellent can’t wait to see where the road goes for you 💪🏼amazing things ahead

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