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Israel Olatunde

This week we are delighted to announce Israel Olatunde as our Athlete Of The Week! With superb recent performances at both regional and national level Israel is an extremely worthy reciprocate and an excellent role model for aspiring athletes🚀

 PB's: 60m:6.99s, 100m:11.5, 200:22.71.

I- My favourite events are probably the 60 and 200 because i really enjoy competing indoors. My best performance had to be the 60m final at the national juniors earlier this year. I was hoping to just pb but i ended up executing my race really well and overall it was a great experience competing against some of the older lads.

FB- Amazing yes so obviously you didn't get to the level you're at today just overnight.. what made you choose athletics in the first place??

I- I actually used to play football but around the end of 2016 i quit because of build up of frustration and i just wasn't happy with the way things were going. After a couple months of searching for something new to take up i remember the athletics coach in my school, Dr. Gerry Mcardle, suggested i join the club he was the coach at. I took him up on his offer and have been competing for Dundealgan AC ever since.

I - My training schedule changes over the course of the season and is influenced a lot by school and study. But at the moment im only training 4 times a week. Mondays,thursdays and sundays are spent recovering and taking care of school work. On Tuesdays i do longer runs, usually reps of between 200-350m. Wednesdays we train indoors in a sports hall. We focus on block starts, acceleration and core strength. Wednesdays are my favourite because i have strange obsession with block work. On fridays i Go to the gym and do general strength work and some lifts with little to now weights. Saturdays we do reps of between 80 and 120m and more core and strength work

FB- Wow 💥so it's pretty much full on all the time do you find it hard to juggle training school and social life or has that ever been a problem?

I- Ye sometimes it is difficult to be honest. Leading up to my junior cert last year i took a break from training to focus on doing well in my exams. Sacrifices have to be made if u want to be up there with the best.But at the same time you have to remember to have fun and hang out with your family and friends. Theres more to life than just sports and i feel that thats something really important to remember.

FB- That message is so important! in sport sometimes it's hard to know when to switch off but at the end of the day It should always be out of enjoyment first- along with your overall lifestyle would diet be something you'd look at or do you get into that side of things?

I- To be honest im not too strict with my diet. Dont get me wrong its one of the most important areas that affect development as an athlete. I always try to have eat a fairly balanced diet but if i come home after a day at school and see a pack of jaffa cakes lets just say i wouldnt hesitate in helping myself 😩😭

FB - I suppose you are at a unique point where you have come from a different sporting background into the athletics community do you see a difference support wise?

I- Ye definitely thats something that really stands out to me. Athletics is very unique sport in the way that everyone is quite encouraging and friendly with each other. Even when you're competing against a rival u always want them to do well but just not as well as you obviously 😂 but ye its something thats not common in others sports like football. i feel like this kind of atmosphere in the athletics really adds to the overall enjoyment of competing

Fb Exactly the vibe we're getting from all the feedback too, it's a standout feature and what really gets people excited about the sport😀
everyone here at finalbend will be backing you all the way can't wait to see what this season holds for you💪🏽💪🏽 just to tie up the interview if you want to tell us what your goals or aspirations are for the future?

I - My main goal is to reach my full potential as both a person and an athlete and to inspire others to pursue what they truly love. I hope to make an international team in the near future but i dont want to rush things. I just have to trust god's plan for my life and keep working 🙏🏾🤘🏾 

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