Athlete Of The Week - Avril Deegan

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Athlete Of The Week - Avril Deegan 

Fresh from her outstanding cross country performances we are proud to announce Avril Deegan as this weeks Athlete Of The Week! Her passion and love for the sport is so genuine and makes her an excellent role model for aspiring athletes. This season Avril has raised the bar once more proving herself with the best, both nationally and internationally- we wish her all the best in the coming season🌟


PBs:800m=2:16.8 1500m=4:34.03 3000m=10:11.75

A- Favourite Distance: that's a tough question for me at the moment I'm torn between the 1500m and 3000m but long term I will focus more on the longer distances. Best Performances: One of my best performances to date would have to be winning the All Ireland Schools 3000m title last summer.It was great to finish off my school days on a high!I will also never forget my first time representing Ireland,nothing compares to representing your country on an

FB- What would an average training week look like for you?🏃🏼‍♀️

A- My typical training week would go as follows: Monday 45/50 minutes recovery run, Tuesday 1km reps or longer speed session, Wednesday 45/50 minutes recovery run, Thursday shorter distance reps speed session,Friday rest day, Saturday tempo run or hills session and Sunday long run. Not forgetting two gym sessions.Being on a sports scholarship in DCU I have access to high performance facilities as well as being surrounded with top quality athletes

FB- With such a packed intense training week would you find it hard to balance college work and socialising... being on a sports scholar ship I suppose a lot of that would be tailored to your training anyway or is that the case?

A- Fortunately I am living on campus and it is definitely a huge help having everything at hand.Time management is vital with such a hectic schedule of training and study.It is true with an intense training week you cannot burn the candle at both ends and expect to perform, however I have a broad spectrum of good friends at home and in college and have never felt I have missed out socially as a result of my running.I am happiest when I am running so I never feel it is a sacrifice or that I miss out in anyway.I guess if I did I wouldn't be doing it!

FB- Yeah Absolutly agree with that point I think it's very important to have the right balance and not burn the candle at both ends .. Would you find nutrition helps in your performance or is that something you wouldn't personally get into?

A- Yes absolutely nutrition is very important in helping your performance. Luckily I have always been a healthy eater and never really had a sweet tooth. Because of the amount of calories I burn during any given day I make sure to have three main meals as well as eating healthy snacks in between. Due to previous injuries I learned the importance of vitamin D in maintaining healthy and strong bones, so I try to keep on top of my vitamin D intake through the food I eat and added supplements. Since Starting college planning ahead is very important so I take time on a Sunday evening at home preparing meals and snacks for the week ahead in college. This saves me time during the week and ensures that I have the food I need and the like available to me. I don't mind cooking so it makes maintaining a good diet easy for me

FB -What are your goals or aspirations for the future?

A- Short term I would like to perform well in the upcoming track&field season and continue this form into the xc season.Long term I aspire to represent Ireland at major International competitions, there is no greater reward and of course stay healthy and ingury free into the future.I am studying Psychology so this degree will no doubt bring interesting career options in the future.I have to thank Ian and Teresa Wilson who made me believe in myself and believe that it is possible to achieve these Ambitions and to thank my coaches in DCU who have made the transition to college life easier by their enthusiasm and their personal care.Lastly I have to thank my Dad who has never missed a race and who trains with me and encourages me 100%

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